What If We're Super Awkward?

Everyone is awkward, but that's what makes you unique. I'm not out here photography pro model couples. I'm photographing real people. I'll never push you outside of your comfort zone, but I guarantee you-you'll have more fun than you think.

Can we see full galleries of a few of your recent shoots?

Yes, you totally can! I always think it's important to check out the full spectrum of what a photographer captures. You can follow this link here to take a look.

do you plan to check the venues out in advance?

Typically no, part of my expertise is making fast and accurate decisions based on the situations I'm given in that moment. And of course, I google the hell out of it when I get the venue name. However, if checking out the venue in advance is of great importance to you, I'd be happy to talk about it.

What is included in your standard package?

All of my packages include one on one consultation and planning, a customizable 90-day online image gallery full of your final edited images, unlimited full resolution downloads, and an online store. Packages also include personal & printing rights to the photos to do what you please. If you want to learn more, reach out.

Do you use a second shooter?

Sometimes! However, it's pretty rare that I do. I'm confident in my abilities to capture everything necessary and more. On the flip side, I think second shooters can be great additions for a multitude of reasons. If you're interested, let me know, and we can chat more.


Yes, you can! Via your Pic-Time Gallery, you have access to a professional grade printing lab, with various shipping options. Anywhere from wallets to large canvas print, and calendar to photo albums.

How much of a RETAINER do you require? When is it due?

For all packages, retainers are 30% the package total + travel (if applicable). The retainer is paid at the signing of the contract. Retainers are nonrefundable and apply to your total. Once the retainer is paid, your date is locked in.

Can we request a list of specific shots we would like?

I try to stay away from these lists because typically I'm already going to cover 95% of what's on your list. I know what moments are going to happen. But what about that 5%? That 5% may be the unique details or special guests of your weddings I might not otherwise know about. For these things, I do ask for a list or some warning.

What should I wear for engagement photos?

That's a great question, and I cover it in my Engagement Guide. You should check it out! But my rule of thumb is wear what makes you happiest.

How would you describe your shooting style?

My shooting style is capturing you at the moment as well as directing you to a point where you feel at ease in your own skin. I always want to match your energy and create photographs that represent you.

Can we meet before the wedding day?

Yes, please! Building a connection between us early on is pivotal to our success. If you're in the neighborhood, let's grab a coffee or beer and get to know each other a little better, and If you're not in the greater Seattle area let's gather 'round the ol' FaceTime. Even a phone call would suffice. Anything besides email! But it's during these consultations that I try to get to know you past your simple wedding wishes.

Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

For any sessions and weddings outside of the greater Seattle area (2 hr drive time radius) I ask for travel expenses to be covered. Depending on the destination this could include gas, flights, taxi, subway, rental car, and lodging. Most are covered and paid for at the time of booking. If you're looking to work together somewhere far, let's talk. I'm always super excited to travel opportunities, and definitely down to sleep on some couches to make it work.

How long after the wedding will we receive the images? How will they be delivered?

It depends on the season, but typically for weddings and elopements: 8 weeks, and any other sessions: 2-3. I also send previews. Photos are delivered via an online gallery through Pic-Time.

Do you accept payments in installations?

Let's talk!

How will you be dressed?

Classy and comfortable, and probably in all black.

Do you carry backup equipment?

You bet I do.

Curious About Rates?

Let's keep goin'!