Zack & Mel

It was a hot, hot summer day. Maybe it's because we're a bunch of weenies here in the PNW, but I feel like the difference in temperature from Seattle to Portland is noticeable. Anyways, I started the morning off with a pleasant three hour drive to Portland. Nothing like some time between you and the wedding for you to collect some thoughts and go into it with the best feelings.

Zack & Mel are really cute. You know how you know that one couple that's just always "cute". Maybe it's only because of Zack's fuzzy blonde hair, slight baby face, and infectious smile. Mel is just gorgeous and has always had a calm and straight forward demeanor. The balance seemed perfect between them.

The day unfolded with gift giving and basketball. This bridal party was a big one. But that's when it's an actual party. I was sweatin' bricks because I was sweatin' bricks. It was hot as fuck, and sometimes finding a spot to shoot First Looks or Bridal Party Photos isn't easy. Especially on this corner in Portland. But low and behold I found some perfect spots.

As time inched closer to the ceremony, more and more guests arrived. This was a big wedding. I always love the moments leading up the ceremony. Bridal party in the back trying to hide, guests filtering in, all eyes on the Groom. There's a lot of tension in the air, but at the same time, it's al okay. We're all here for one thing and really no one will care how it unfolds. It's up to Mel & Zack. That being said, Mel & Zack had a really funny Officiant. He started the ceremony with a selfie, wore a Coug blazer (Coug Wedding), and even kept his notes on the other side of a magazine highlighting the Washington State Cougars 1997 Football Season. He was funny, but really showed no emotion, a really good combo.

Let's talk about the food. These two did the most Portland thing and had food trucks for their wedding. One was all comfort food, chicken and waffles, grilled cheese, different sandwiches and salads, and then the other was a fusion between your Mexican classics like: burrito bowls, tacos, more burritos, and then your Korean favorites like bulgogi and kimchi. So delicious. However I must tell you this was the first wedding I went to as a pescatarian. I'm not pescatarian anymore, I'm finding really hard to go back, but this was the beginning of about a 3 month stint that I had. I don't think my tofu burrito was as good as the bulgogi ones, but I bet I didn't feel as full as you did.

The night ended up as many do. Crazy drunken moments and so much elation and happiness from everyone around. You know it's a good wedding when you see the unlikely family members out on the dance floor. Even the DJ's were lit. They had me crackin' up. At the end of it all, Mel & Zack got in a little bike chariot (again, so Portland) and rode off into the rest of their lives. Which was honestly the hotel just around the corner where they met up with all their friends later and just got more drunk. What more could you ask for though? That's what love is.

Not only were all the accoutrements beautiful such as the succulents in the florals, the venue, or the little gold cage thing Preslie & Mel made. But also the moments were beautiful. Like the impromptu dad first look, the scrap book gifted to Mel & the beginning of the day, and Zack's heart touching mother of groom speech.

Thank you Mel & Zack for letting me be apart of this amazing day. I hope these photos live as long as the memories do.