First off, I'd like to thank Will & Anna for all the great opportunities they have provided me with. It had been more than a pleasure working with them, and I really felt myself grow as a photographer because of it all. Thank you.

From one of my first "legit" consultations, where we sat outside (those were the days) a cafe in Green Lake, to the Pike Place engagement session, where we used a lovely bouquet to spice things up a bit, to their beautiful frigid mid-December wedding, where I witnessed two best friends get married; every step has been truly memorable.

This series of my favorite photos documents their wedding day at Lord Hill Farms in Snohomish. It was a cold day but no one let it affect them, even when the bridal party was forced to take their photos outside by their crazy photographer.

The fur shawl that was given by her grandmother, the tall silhouetting windows during the first look and ceremony, the big flat eucalyptus greens in Anna's bouquet, the colors of rose gold, faded pink, and navy coinciding together throughout the day, and last but not least, the late night flatbread pizza that was served well after dinner for everyone who may have been a little too buzzed. These are just a few of my memories that I hold close when I think of Will & Anna's wedding, and I hope you notice them in this series.

I could keep going forever but I strongly encourage you to stop reading now and just begin scrolling. Will & Anna, I wish the best to you both and I can't wait for our paths in life to cross again.

Oh also shout out Will for having the most infectious smile I've ever seen. & shoutout Anna for cutest freckles.