These two are getting married in December, and we've gone through a lot of "first's" together so far! I believe I'm quite experienced when it comes to weddings and couples, but this year many new wats of doing things have started. Will and Anna were the first couple I had a real one-on-one with. Will and Anna are the first couple to have a wedding December, let alone winter.

During their engagements session, we came up with a fun idea of silently documenting a date. Will bought some flowers for Anna, and we let the rest unfold right there. It was the first time I really played with the idea of couples envisioning themselves on a date, not a photo shoot. I think that's an easy and important way to feel comfortable in front of the lens, and I think it worked it well.

I had an awesome time with Will and Anna, and I really can't wait until their December wedding.