Wen & Danny

Working with Wen & Danny has been quite fun since the beginning. They were skeptical of an engagement shoot in the beginning. Mostly out of necessity but also a bit out of comfort. We took these photos within an hour and I like to think it’s a testament to how natural and easy photography can be, but also when it pays to spend time around your clients outside of consultations and portrait sessions.

For this session, they both came down to Tacoma with their dog Jasper. We headed to Point Defiance park which is just full of beautiful trees and forest. We even made our way to the dog park and then hiked back behind to some secret scenic views. Everyone involved was happy.

At the end of the session we hoped to get some ramen nearby my house, but unfortunately it was closed. So we settled for store bought sushi at the Metropolitan Market as well as “The Cookie”. Any chance I get to share my how of this baked good with someone, I’ll take it. Shoot, even as I’m writing this I feel insanely full because I just finished one. Maybe I should slow down…

Anyways! I can’t wait to work with these two in just a couple weeks at one of my favorite places. <3