Ty & Morgan

Everything about this just felt timeless. From the historic bed and breakfast to the old school Pontiac in the driveway. Ty & Morgan and their family and friends brought this all together. It was a “backyard” wedding of magical proportions.

I think there’s always something special about hoping in the car with the bride and groom to take a photo. But this time hit different. So good we did it twice. And of course the sunset on a dusky June day at Chelan didn’t disappoint.

I love this place. Only good memories here.

Also shoutout Tank, one of the cutest pom’s I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. You’ll see him in the gallery. Particularly the ceremony.

After some amazing barbecue, speeches, a sunset, and a dance party. We all ended up meeting at the bar downtown. Like I said, only good memories here.

Cheers to your love Morgan & Ty. A couple that isn’t afraid to do what they want and do it in the best style. You guys are an unstoppable force.