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Mike & Audrey

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Love and union comes in all shapes and sizes. I would be incredibly bored if all my weddings were the same. I welcome the unique stories and the unique moments that are created each and every day. I just feel so lucky to be here for this one in particular.

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Alyssa & Brandon

Sometimes, the fewer expectations you have for your wedding day, the better it becomes. I might bother some people by saying that, but I really think it's true. When you set aside caring about all the little details, you miss out on what's most important. Alyssa & Brandon never seemed stressed or worried. Everything just went as it went.

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This was a really special experience. Back in July, I was able to second shoot a wedding with Logan who I met at WSU through the Daily Evergreen! I've always appreciated his compositions and documentary style of photography when it came to weddings, so I was honored to be able to work with him!

But the experience didn't stop there! Ernest & Miriam's day was full of African traditions rooted in culture and family. So many new elements of a wedding day came to light, and it was a joy to be there capturing it all.

Make sure to check out Logan! He's a great photographer and you can even see his photos from the day! Thanks again Logan for letting me work beside you!

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