Ramble Workshop

I don't like calling Ramble a workshop, just fyi.

A camping trip with a bunch of wedding photographers plus one tattoo artist; and it's amazing how much good can come of just that.

Ramble was the perfect laid-back atmosphere to learn new things and make new friends.

My only complaint was that the lady at Wal-Mart let me forget my groceries. But then again, I've never been to a workshop that provided In-N-Out so that pretty much outshines any complaints.

Oh ya, and we all got tattoos from the amazing Alice Guerin.

I made some delicious vegan tacos, and then we ate even better non vegan tacos and took pictures of the stars.

Big shout out to Laura and Tim & Ben & Mads for modeling for us! You guys were troopers and I think we were all lucky to get the chance.

Shout out Ben, Mitch and Destany, Laura and Tim, and Alex for sharing knowledge and running shoots. Oh and how could I forget the champagne brunch.

And then, of course, thanks to all the others. (I want to tag you all but this is hard to do on Squarespace.) It all really felt like one big group of friends and not so much students and teachers. That was one of the best feelings about Ramble.

If Ramble is in a neighborhood near you, definitely check it out.

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four