Mike & Audrey

My mom connected Mike & Audrey to me, and I must say, I feel so lucky that happened. We first met at the Fish Tail Brewery in downtown Olympia, and shared a delicious meal together. Something I don’t usually do with my clients! Typically it’s just a couple of beers! But we talked about our expectations and I came to understand this wasn’t their first time dealing with weddings. Mike & Audrey found each other after a history to each their own. They were combining families, and everyone could not be more excited. Watching this come together after the ceremony was extremely moving for me.

But their biggest priority during their day on the beach was to just make it stress free. I know a lot of couples look for this, but things add up quickly, and Mike & Audrey weren’t immune to this. However, they were still able to successfully pull off their casual dream wedding, and I feel honored to have been apart of it.

When the big day came around, I drove down all the way from Tacoma, hoping that there wouldn’t be any highway closures or thick fog like the last time I had made the trek down to Pacific City. This time, there wasn’t any of that.

When I got there, I quickly got to work finding the perfect spot for the ceremony. I found this log that, at the right angle, framed the big sea stack out in the water. I added some driftwood to make a sort of amphitheater like boundary. I was definitely letting the stylist in me come out.

As Audrey came over the bluff, I stood in the middle of her and the family and friends with Mike waiting. It was a pretty exciting feeling. I think something about second chances, the long walk she had to make, and the beauty of friends and family from all over the country made the moment all that more exciting.

The ceremony was beautiful. Their officiant, the owner of Pelican Brewery, did a fantastic job. The wind did a great job too. It definitely didn’t let up. My camera bag was nearly covered at the end. Something to be aware of next time. We took family photos directly after the ceremony, which is something I wish I may have moved due to the wind, but hey, the lighting was great and everyone was down with it.

After some champagne and some bridals, we made out way back to town. We enjoyed some GREEK FOOD. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, greek food. Not barbecue. Greek food. Take this as a note future brides and grooms. I like variety. Quality over variety, but variety is a close second.

After some food, we headed over to the Headlands Coastal Lodge across the street, where their dear friend booked them a night in a beautiful room. We enjoyed what was left of the sunset, got some cute pics, and headed back to dance and party with the others.

Then I took a long drive home to my parent’s place in Shelton. Boy it was a long drive.

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes. Love and union comes in all shapes and sizes. I would be incredibly bored if all my weddings were the same. I welcome the unique stories and the unique moments that are created each and every day. I just feel so lucky to be here for this one in particular.