Shooting at Deception Pass with Hannah & Matt probably felt similar to what a six year old would feel if they went to a toy store with no spending limit: The possibilities were endless, and every direction you looked there was just so much opportunity.

This was an extra special session because I had my partner in crime with me. Marci & I have been pursuing this path of working with awesome couples and connecting with them on a deeper level. During this session we put to practice many of things we have observed and discussed. As a result, Hannah & Matt did a great job, and everything felt effortless.

Sometimes I think when you get your photos done, it can carry too much expectation. At the end of the day, these sessions are about the couples. They’re about the love that two people share. It’s not about where do my hands go, or does this look weird. It’s about the moment, the surroundings, the context. I wanted to express that during this session. I want the viewers to feel like I wasn’t even there.

Hannah & Matt’s wedding is next month, and I can’t wait for what else we bring to the table!


- Wyat