Josh & Olivia

Oh, what to write about this event.

When you initially here "wedding on a farm outside of Colfax", you think about the most classic farm wedding scene you probably can.

But it was nothing to be generalized. Sure we took some pictures of some horses but this was no "farm wedding".

Everyone's unique backgrounds that brought something to the table is what made this day so special. Whether it be a lovely morning at a wonderful local cafe full of amazing baked goods and champagne, or an extremely moving yet funny ceremony brought on by the officiant. Friends and family really got involved on this day and that was amazing to watch and contribute too.

The food was amazing, the party was amazing. I really don't know what else to say. I hope these photos give you a good sense of how this day really felt because my words right now are not doing it justice.

For my last words, I want to discuss the character I see in Josh & Olivia. Olivia is a creative and curious soul who also know what she likes while Josh is similar to Enzo: the nicest biggest being ever. & I mean every word of that.

I'm so happy and honored to have worked with them. I hope you enjoy these photos!