Working with Olivia & Josh that beautiful day in January was so much fun!

We were able to make it into the Volunteer Park Conservatory which is a huge achievement due to the fact it’s now much harder to shoot there.

We had so much sun, which was a blessing and a curse because it was super toasty in there, but made for a lot of fun and challenging lighting.

Back and forth we went through the different parts of the conservatory, trying to dodge anyone who worked there who seemed to get annoyed at our joyous presence or anyone one of the five other photographers.

Once we got ourselves the photos we wanted, we headed to where Josh & Olivia went on their first date: Musashi’s. They were closed but our luck kept with us and we were able to go in and grab a few shots. 

Next, we went to Ballard for their Engagement Party where I was able to meet many of the people in the bridal party as well as family members. It was a great time. Lots of beers, food to munch on, and Seahawks football.

I can’t wait for their wedding out in Colfax. I’m excited for the change in scenery it’ll bring, but I’m even more excited for the people I’ll be working with.