Ben & Ali

The morning of this shoot I woke up on Orcas Island and I knew I had to eventually make it all the way down to a place called Hug's Point. Somewhere I had never heard of, but Ben & Ali thought it would be a nice place to shoot considering that was they're usual "spot". Boy, were they right. I don't think we could have asked for a more magical evening, and does that shit happen every day!? Most days? Wow. Oregon's got it made.

Ben & Ali are definitely the type to be stupid in love with each other. It's pretty amazing to watch and I can't tell you how personable they truly are. I've almost never felt so friend like on a shoot before. We ran around the beach, met some dogs, danced to some music, and pretended to run away from the waves bc cute af.

And the whole night ended with me going to Cannon Beach for the first time, to eating some burritos. What a day.