Alyssa & Brandon

Sometimes, the fewer expectations you have for your wedding day, the better it becomes. I might bother some people by saying that, but I really think it's true. When you set aside caring about all the little details, you miss out on what's most important. Alyssa & Brandon never seemed stressed or worried. Everything just went as it went.

The day poured seamlessly with beauty. From the ceremony to Liz's dress. From the mismatched cups to the local golden retriever walking around. From the yurt and cabins, we all stayed in, to the pie that was there the night before. everything was curated effortlessly it seemed.

The whole weekend family and friends were reconnecting and meeting each other for the first time. 

But of course what could go wrong when you're in the lush green forest.

The rain didn't stop anyone either (you'll notice in the drunk reception photos). Also, big thank you to Darren Zemanek for the added perspective. You were loads of help!

Thank you, Alyssa & Brandon, for this most memorable day. You guys killed it and I'm so happy I could have been a part of it.